ETL Testing Process - ETL Testing

What is ETL Testing Process?

ETL testing ensures that all the testing process is covered which are involved in an ETL lifecycle. It starts with basic understanding of the business requirements till the generation of a summary report.

The most common steps under ETL Testing lifecycle are displayed below −

  • To Understanding the business requirements.
  • To Validate the business requirements
  • In Test Estimation which is used to provide the estimated time to execute test-cases and to prepare the summary report.
  • Involving in Test Planning which includes finding the Testing technique based upon the inputs taken as per business requirement.
  • Involving in Creating test scenarios and test cases
  • After the test-cases are ready and approved, the further step is to perform pre-execution check.
  • Involving in executing all the test-cases.
  • T ensure in generating a complete summary report and file a closure process.

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