ETL Testing Challenges - ETL Testing

What are ETL Testing Challenges?

ETL testing is distinct from database testing or any other conventional testing. One may need to come acrossvarious types of challenges during ETL testing. Below are few challenges −
  • Data loss during performing ETL testing.
  • Inaccurate, insufficient or duplicate data.
  • DW system consisits of historical data, so the data volume is too big and significantly complex to do ETL testing in the target system.
  • ETL testers are usually not facilitated with access to view job schedules in the ETL tool. Hardly, they have access to BI Reporting tools to view the ultimate layout of reports and data present inside the reports.
  • Tough to create and build test cases, as volume of data is too high and zenith.
  • ETL testers usually do not have an idea of customer report requirements and business flow of the data.
  • ETL testing includesdifferent complex SQL concepts for validation of data in the target system.
  • Sometimes the testers are not facilitated with the source-to-target mapping data.
  • Unstablity testing environment slows down the development and as well as testing of a process.

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