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What is ETL categorization?

ETL Testing categorization is performedbasis on aims of testing and reporting. Testing categories may differaccording to the organization standards and it also based on the client requirements. Usually, ETL testing is categorized depending on the below points −

  • Source to Target Count Testing − It includesidentity of count of records in the source and the target systems.
  • Source to Target Data Testing − It includes validation of data between the source and the target systems. It also includes integration of data and threshold value checking and duplicate data checking in the target system.
  • Data Mapping or Transformation Testing − It justifies the mapping of objects in the source and the target systems. It also includesvalidating the functionality of data in the target system.

End-User Testing − It includes generating of reports for end-users to validate if the data in the reports are according to expectation. It includes finding deviation in reports and cross-checking the data in the target system for report validation.

Retesting − It includes bugs fixing and defects in data in the target system and running the reports once again for validation of data.

System Integration Testing − It includes testing of all the individual systems, and subsequentlyintegrate the results to ensurethat there are no deviations. There are three approaches that can be employedfor performing this: top-down, bottom-up, and hybrid.

ETL testing (irrespective of the tool that is used) can be divided into the below categories depending on the structure of a Data Warehouse system−

New DW System Testing

In this sort of testing, there is a new DW system built and verified. Data inputs are captured from end-users and also from various data sources and a new data warehouse is generated. Later, the data verification is performed in the new system using ETL tools.

Migration Testing

In migration testing, end users have an existing Data Warehouse and ETL, but the willgo for a new ETL tool for upgrading the productivity. It includes data migration from the current system with a new ETL tool.

Change Testing

In change testing, new data is appended from various data sources to thecurrent system. end users can also alter the current rules for ETL or a new rule can also be appended.

Report Testing

Report testing includes generating reports for validation of data. Reports are the ultimateresult of any DW system. Reports are tested on the basis of their layout, data in the report, and calculated values.

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