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What is ETL testing – Automation?

ETL testing is mainly focused by testers and it is achieved by using SQL scripts and gathering the data into the spreadsheets. This type of approach in performing ETL testing is very considered slow and time-taking, error-prone, and is also performed on sample data.

Technical Challenge in Manual ETL Testing

Our ETL test team will be able to write SQL queries to test data in a DW system which needs to get executed manually using a SQL editor. Later, putting the data into an Excel spreadsheet and comparing them manually is done. Considering this process is also time-consuming, resource intensive, and inefficient.

There are several tools available in the market to automate this time consuming process. The most frequently used ETL Testing tools are QuerySurge and Informatica Data Validation.


QuerySurge is a data testing solution designed used in testing Big Data, Data Warehouses, and the ETL process. QuerySurge can automate the whole process for us and fit nicely into our DevOps strategy.

The main features of QuerySurge are as follows −

  • QuerySurge has Query Wizards to manage test QueryPairs fast and easily without the user required to write any SQL.
  • QuerySurge has a Design Library with most common reusable Query Snippets. We can create custom QueryPairs as well.
  • It can also compare the data from both source files and data stores to the target Data Warehouse or Big Data store.
  • It compares millions of rows and columns of data within fraction of seconds.
  • It lets the user to schedule tests which run (1) immediately, (2) any date/time, or (3) automatically even after an event ends.

QuerySurge can produce informative reports, view updates, and auto-email results to our testing team.

To automate the complete process, our ETL tool must start QuerySurge through a command line API, when the ETL software will complete its load process.

It will run automatically and there is no need of a tester to attend the execution. After the program is executed, the reports produced are emailed automatically to everyone on the team.

Just like QuerySurge, there is an other tool Informatica Data Validation, which manages an ETL testing tool that aids users to accelerate and automate the ETL testing process in the development and production environment. It lets the user to deliver complete, repeatable, and auditable test coverage in very less time. The easiest part of using Informatica is, it requires no programming skills!

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