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Figure below shows the business process connection between Supply Chain Management(SCM),Customer Relationship Management(CRM) and PDM systems. To be able to compete effectively when rapid product design and deployment are necessary,the customer view,operational view,and design view need to be directly integrated. The advantages of this direct connection are:

  1. An increase in the ECO process and integration with manufacturing because the data do not need to be recreated manually in each system. Lessons learned in manufacturing can be captured back into the engineering process.
  2. A reduction in inventory because the engineers have full visibility of stock on hand, production orders in process, and purchasing Erp tools,techniques,and applications for integrating the supply chain 182.
  3. Business process connection between SCM,CRM,and PDM systems.

    Business process connection between SCM,CRM,and PDM systems.

    Commitments before an effectivity date is selected. The direct connection also has the capability of notifying the planner if the original effectivity date varies significantly from the current situation.

  4. A reduction in risk of inventory obsolescence because there can be full visibility across the supply chain if desired about the usage and availability of parts.
  5. A reduction in costs by automating ECO and part updates without manual duplicate efforts between systems. The engineering staff also gets full visibility of actual production costs for adaptation of future designs.
  6. An improvement in accuracy and quality of information since the single source of the truth is used by production, engineering, purchasing, and management.

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