Entrepreneurship Development Tutorial

Entrepreneurship Development Tutorial

What do you understand by the term entrepreneurship Development?

By Entrepreneurship Development, the entrepreneurship skills of the employees are developed. The entrepreneurship skills are being enhanced, groomed and inculcated into a person, such that an enterprise can be established and run successfully.

In order to establish a successful business, all the required business skills are provided and facilitated to the people by Entrepreneurship Development. Entrepreneurship Development facilitates in turning out a new business from zero into a successful profitable business, by developing new ideas and implementing the ideas.

This tutorial provides all the basic concepts about entrepreneurship.

Who are the audience for learning the concept of Entrepreneurship Development?

This tutorial is mainly targeted for the management students who are interested in learning the concepts of Entrepreneurship Development. This tutorial is also useful for the managers of all streams which helps them to understand and practically implement the Entrepreneurship Development methods and skills in their enterprises.

What are the prerequisites required for learning the concept of Entrepreneurship Development?

Basic knowledge and understanding of how the entrepreneur deals with the complex project is required for learning the concept of Entrepreneurship Development. Knowledge and understanding of the different dimensions by which an entrepreneur deals with the projects enables to better understand the concept.

Entrepreneurship Development Tutorial: List of Topics

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