Employee Supervision Tutorial

Employee Supervision Tutorial

What do you understand by the term Employee Supervision?

When a job is got done by others in a polite and cordial way, it is known as supervision. Supervision also involves the bonding between the managers and the subordinates. The manner in which the managers are being counselled, trained and motivated by the instructors, mentors and coaches for taking up the responsibility of leader does not comprise supervision. New managers initially involve in the activities such as understanding and coordinating with the team members, getting acquainted with the new roles and responsibilities. Once they understand their responsibilities, they also need to develop the skills in the areas of administration, technology, human relations etc.

Who are the audience for learning the concept of Employee Supervision?

This tutorial is mainly targeted for the supervisors who are the new entries to the organization. This tutorial helps them by providing a detailed knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of the supervisors and also other employees of the organization. This tutorial also provides inputs to managers regarding some of the concepts like efficient working with the subordinates, trainees and apprentices.

What are the prerequisites required for learning the concept of Employee Supervision?

Good knowledge and understanding of the working process of the company along with the roles and responsibilities to be handled are essential for better understating the concept of Employee Supervision. Good knowledge about the expectations of the management on the manager enables to better understand the concept.

Employee Supervision Tutorial: List of Topics

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