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What are EmberJS Models?

Model is defined as a class which extends the functionality of the Ember Data. The contents of page will be displayed by a model when a user refreshes the page. But each and every route includes an associated model in Ember.js. These models are created to enhance the performance of an application. The Ember Data saves the stored data in the server and works in an easy way to get streaming APIs like socket.io and Firebase or WebSockets.
Core Concepts
  • Store
  • Models
  • Records
  • Adapter
  • Caching


The store is a central storage point which caches all records stored in an application. The route and controllers are provided to access the stored data of your application. The DS.Store is usually generated automatically to share the data between the entire object.


Model is a class which provides the functionality of the Ember Data to specify the relationships with other objects. Here it supports when a user refreshes the page then the contents of page will be refreshed automatically by a model.


A record is a model which provided the information that loaded from a server to identify the record by its model type and ID.


An adapter is called as an object which is used to translate the requested records from Ember to generate appropriate calls to the related server backend. If you want to explore a person with ID of 1, then Ember will load the URL by using HTTP as /person/1.


This option is used to catch the records automatically by the store and returns the same object immediately when you load the records from the server for the next time. It enhances the performance of your application and showcases the application UI to the user as fast as possible.
The following table lists down the details about models −


Model Ways & Description


Defining Models

Model is a simple class that extends the functionality of the Ember Data.


Finding Records

You can retrieve the records by using the Ember data store.


Creating and Deleting Records

You can create and delete the records on the instance of model.



Ember.js provides relationship types to specify how the models are related to each other.


Pushing Records Into The Store

You can push the records into the store's cache without requesting the records from an application.


Handling Metadata

Metadata is a data that is used for specific model or type instead of using record.


Customizing Adapters

Ember.js Adapter specifies how data is kept on at the backend data store such as URL format and REST API headers.

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