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What is Drupal – Taxonomies?

Taxonomy can be defined as an classifying website content that displays a specific content based on taxonomy terms. Drupal taxonomy is made up of various terms such as:

  • Term: Term is used to manage or describe the content.
  • Vocabulary: It is a set of terms.

To work with Drupal Taxonomy, Below are the steps to follow:

Step (1): Go to the Structure and click on Taxonomy option.

Drupal Taxonomies

Step (2): We can create a new vocabulary for Drupal taxonomy by clicking on Add vocabulary link.

Drupal Taxonomies

Step (3): Later, it will open a screen with field Name, for adding name for our vocabulary which is a mandatory field and Description field is used for adding description body for the vocabulary. Click on the Save button.

Drupal Taxonomies

Step (4): Click on the add terms to add new terms to the created vocabulary as displayed below.

Drupal Taxonomies

Step (5): Further, it provides some fields as displayed in the below screen.

Drupal Taxonomies

  • Name: It specifies the name of the term.
  • Description: Description is used for adding description body for the term.
  • Text format: It provides various types of formats by using dropdown menu.
  • URL alias: It optionally defines an alternative URL with which this term can be accessed.


  • Parent Terms: In this field, we can set term as parent term for new one.
  • Weight: It specifies the weight for each term which is displayed in ascending order by weight.

After done with filling up the fields, click on Save button

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