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What is Drupal – Static Pages?

In this tutorial, we would be learning about, how to create Static Pages in Drupal. For suppose, let us add few static pages named About Us and Services. The main purpose for using a static page is for the speed and steadiness. Static websites are much faster than a dynamic website.

Below are the simple steps required to create static page.

Step (1): Click on Content -- > Add content link.

Drupal Static Pages

Step (2): Further, click on Basic pages.

Drupal Static Pages

Step (3): Later, Create basic page will be displayed as shown below.

Drupal Static Pages

Here, we have mentioned the details about the fields that are present in above screen.

Title: Title specifies the name of the static page.

Body: Body specifies the body content of the page.

URL path settings: We can specify an alternative URL by which, the content can be accessed. Adding a slash on either side of the URL would not let the URL work.

We can see about-us URL path which has been added under the URL alias heading. This process is same for both the About Us and Services static pages but only the content would be changing as per the rrquirement.

We can click on Publishing options and mark check on the box of published option to publish our page.

Step (4): Further, let us click on About Us tab, we will be able to see the created about us page as displayed below.

Drupal Static Pages

Step (5): Now, let us click on Services tab, we will be able to see the created services page as displayed below.

Drupal Static Pages

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