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What is Drupal – Site Upgrade?

In this section, we'll learn about how to upgrade the Drupal site. Upgrade is defined as a process of replacing an older version to the latest version.

Here, we will upgrade Drupal to the latest version.

Below are simple steps required to upgrade the site in Drupal.

Step (1): Backup our Drupal files. We had studied about this in detail in the section Drupal - Site Backup .

Step (2): If there needs to be any updation to be done on Drupal site, then a message gets displayed on our site as displayed below.

 Drupal Site Upgrade

Step (3): Further, click on the highlighted word available updates present in the message .

 Drupal Site Upgrade

Step (4): Later, we can view the Available Updates page, where it displays the exact updation to be done on the site. Here, it shows us the recommended version to update our site. Now, Click on Release notes.

 Drupal Site Upgrade

Step (5): Now, it will take us to the Drupal official site page where we can see the latest version tar.gz files available in Drupal.

 Drupal Site Upgrade

The tar.gz files get downloaded on our system.

Step (6): Extract the downloaded file. Later, we need to copy all the files and folder except the Sites folder present inside the latest downloaded folder. Later paste these files into our existing Drupal folder.

Step (7): Now, go to Reports --> Available updates or else we can refresh the page; here we will view a message as displayed in the below image.

 Drupal Site Upgrade

Step (8):Now, click on Reports --> Status report.

 Drupal Site Upgrade

Here, we can view our site got upgraded to the latest version and it will show the status Up to date for Drupal core update status as displayed in the image.

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