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What is Drupal – Site BackUp?

In this tutorial, we would be learning about the Site Backup in Drupal. It is required to help in backing up the files and the database file.

  • Backup Files in Drupal
  • Backup Database in Drupal

Backup Files in Drupal

To get the backup files of Drupal, you need to install FileZilla Client on your system.

Below are the simple steps required to use to backup the files in Drupal:

Step (1): First, Open the FileZilla Client as displayed below.

Drupal Site BackUp

Step (2): Next, Enter the Host, Username, Password and Port as same as we have used to login for our cpanel.

Drupal Site BackUp

After filling up all the fields, we must click on Quickconnect button.

Step (3): Further, we will get all the files and folder of our Drupal site at the right side as displayed below

Drupal Site BackUp

Step (4): Now, select all the files and folders, right click on mouse, click on the Download option.

Drupal Site BackUp

After downloading the Drupal files from cpanel, it gets saved on our System.

Backup Database in Drupal

Below are the simple steps used to backup the database in Drupal:

Step (1): First, type the path http://localhost/phpmyadmin in browser. we will get the below screen

Drupal Site BackUp

Step (2): Next, click on the database name drupal, which we have created for Drupal.

Drupal Site BackUp

Step (3): Once clicking on database drupal, it will open the below page, click on Export tab.

Drupal Site BackUp

Step (4): Further, we will get two methods to export the database i.e. Quick and Custom. Select any one of the methods , then click on Go button.

Drupal Site BackUp

After exporting the database file, it gets saved on our System.

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