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What is Drupal – Modify Content?

In this chapter let us study about how to Modify content in drupal. You can modify any of the previously used content type's content such as Articles, Basic page and Blog entry.

Following are the simple steps used for modifying content.

Step(1): Click on the Content first.


Step(2): Next, you will see the screen below.

Drupal Modify Content

Step(3): If we have many contents , we can use Filter to search the content preferred to modify. we can modify About us(About us page was created in the session Drupal - Create Content).

We can select the status of the content as displayed below. Select published as About us and status is published.

Drupal Modify Content

Below, we have mentioned the details about the fields present in above screen.

  • published: published displays all the published items.
  • promoted: promoted displays the promoted items on our website
  • not promoted: This displays the not promoted items on our website
  • sticky: This displays the sticky items on our website
  • not sticky: It displays the non sticky items on our websites

We can select type of the content like Articles, Basic page or Blog entry. Select Basic page as About us and type is Basic page, and click on the filter as displayed below.

Drupal Modify Content

Step(4): Next, we can see the filtered content in the image displayed below. To edit this content, click the edit link as displayed below.


Step(5): We can modify our content and click on Save.

Drupal Modify Content

Step(6): Below, we will see the screen with updated content as displayed below.

Drupal Modify Content

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