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What is Drupal- Delete Content?

In this tutorial, we will learn about Deleting content. We can delete any of the earlier written contents such as Articles, Basic page and Blog entry.

Below are the simple steps that are used to delete content.

Step(1): Click on the Content as displayed below.

Drupal Delete Content

Step(2): Now, we can delete the About us(About us page was created in the tutorial Drupal - Create Content), and click on the delete as displayed below.

Drupal Delete Content

Step(3): Further, we will see the below screen. We need to confirm the deletion of the content. Click on Delete button, if we want to delete or Cancel button, to cancel this process.

Drupal Delete Content

Step(4): Immediately, we will see a confirmation message as our page has been deleted, as displayed below.

Drupal Delete Content

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