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What is Drupal - Blocks & Regions?

In this tutorial, we will have case study about the Drupal Blocks & Regions. Blocks are container objects which are used in organizing our content of our website. This can be displayed in the regions part on our page.

Below are the simple steps for creating Drupal Blocks.

Step (1): First, Click on Structure in Drupal


Step (2): Next, From the above step a page is navigated,click on Blocks.

Drupal  Blocks & Regions

Step (3): Later, Blocks page gets displayed to the user. Click on Add block.

Drupal  Blocks & Regions

Step (4): Now, a block page gets displayed to create a new custom block as displayed below.

Drupal - Blocks & Regions

Below mentioned are the details about the fields consisted in the Blocks page.

Block Settings

Drupal - Blocks & Regions

Block title: Enter the title for your block.

Block description: Enter the description about block.

Block body: Enter the content of the block.

Text format: Select the format for your text i.e. Filtered HTML, FULL HTML, and Plain text.

Region Settings

Drupal - Blocks & Regions

Bartik (default theme): Select the region to display block in the theme.

Seven (administration theme): Select the region to display block in the administration theme.

Visibility Setting

Drupal Visibilty Setting

Page: Allows displaying blocks on all pages or specific pages.

Content Types: Allow to display the blocks in specific content i.e. Article or Basic Page.

Roles: Allows the user in displaying the blocks on specific type of users named anonymous user, authenticated user, administrator user.

Users: Allows each user to customize the visibility of block in their settings.

Next, Click on Save block after filling all the fields.

Step (5): Next, we can view the created block


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