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What is Django Generic Views?

In some cases, writing perspectives, as we've got seen in advance is genuinely heavy. Imagine you need a static web page or a listing page. Django gives a clean way to set the ones simple perspectives this is called universal views.

Unlike conventional views, general views are training not functions. Django offers a fixed of training for customary views in django.perspectives.widely wide-spread, and each universal view is one of those classes or a class that inherits from certainly one of them.

There are 10+ generic lessons –

This you may use for your conventional view. Allow examine a few example to see how it works.

Static Pages

Let’s submit a static web page from the “static.html” template.
Our static.html

If we did that the manner we learned before, we might need to change the myapp/ to be –

and myapp/ to be –

The great manner is to use common views. For that, our myapp/ becomes –

And our myapp/ we will be –

When accessing /myapp/static you will get −
generic views-1

For the same result we also can, do the subsequent −

  • No alternate in the
  • Change the file to be –

As you may see, you simply want to exchange the record in the second method.

Listing And Show Facts From DB

We are going to list all entries in our Dreamreal model. Doing so is made clean through the usage of the ListView time-honored view magnificence. Edit the report and replace it as –

Critical to be aware at this factor is that the variable bypass through the time-honored view to the template is object_list. in case you need to name it yourself, you'll need to add a context_object_name argument to the as_view approach. Then the becomes −

The associated template will then be −

Accessing /myapp/dreamreals/ will produce the following page −

generic views-2

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