Discrete Mathematics Introduction - Discrete Mathematics

What is Discrete Mathematics?

Mathematics is of two types -

  • Continuous Mathematics – Continuous number line or the real numbers come under the concept of Continuous Mathematics. According to continuous mathematics, an infinite set of numbers are present in between any two numbers. For instance, Continuous mathematics facilitates in plotting a smooth curve without any breaks.
  • Discrete Mathematics – The concept involving distinct values in known as Discrete Mathematics. According to Discrete Mathematics, there are countable numbers of points between any two numbers. For instance, in case of finite set of objects, discrete mathematics is defined as the list of ordered pair than have these objects and which is presented as complete list of the pairs.

What are the different topics of Discrete Mathematics?

The following topics come under the umbrella of Discrete mathematics:

  • Sets, Relations and Functions
  • Mathematical Logic
  • Group theory
  • Counting Theory
  • Probability
  • Mathematical Induction and Recurrence Relations
  • Graph Theory
  • Trees
  • Boolean Algebra

Each of the topics are explained in detail in the following chapters in this tutorial.

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Discrete Mathematics Topics