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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for individuals and business people to create more connections, generate leads, and build their brand. It is also called as a new generation tool to recruit new talent, LinkedIn marketing is a likely top marketing tool to employ for B2B businesses. It has been proved that it is the best platform of choice for marketing product launches and lead generation.


However a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy needs great ongoing management, monitoring, analysis, and adjustments.

Following are some tips as a set of important tips to perform a strong LinkedIn Marketing strategy −

Create a dynamic company page for your brand

To make your business presence on LinkedIn and get accessed to the advanced features that enhance your visibility, you need to build a LinkedIn company page. This page would be an extension of your website. To create a dynamic company page fill out the complete profile, including products and services. Let’s invite your employees and customers to follow the page.

Be an authority in your industry

You need to plan out what type of content you can provide that will have decision-makers thinking twice about the approaches they're taking. Think about the discussions you can create that make you stand out as a thought leader. Also determine whether the content is relevant and for whom, and whether the content inspires prospects to want to take action.

Engage in the community

The criteria is that how many connections you made of how many followers you have on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. The main criteria is that how many people got attracted towards your page. You can create a community to engage in social media.

LinkedIn is allowed to create actual groups that you manage. Let’s take an active role and create a group in the industry that you are active in. You can also join an existing group and share the suitable content. This is the way you can be creating new contacts and participating in the resourceful conversations with industry leaders in your field.


View the stats

The advanced features of LinkedIn Publisher offers eye catching insight that how many people viewed your posts, the span of each post is depends on the reader demographics, and engagement with your posts.

Incase if you want to see your stats, go to the Who’s Viewed Your Posts tab, you can find it under Profile in the main navigation besides, who’s Viewed Your Profile. Now click on any post to see a graph which displays the number of views in the last 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 6 months or 1 year.

This option is designed to provide an amazing perspective to see the shelf life of each post. You can also review these numbers; features of the posts themselves, different patterns will let you know about the topics, format, and length your readers are most interested in.

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