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What is Google Adwords?

Let’s targetyour business with Google AdWords which is a marketplace where companies are required to pay to their website ranked right with the top organic search results, as per the keywords.

Here you need to select the keywords to promote your brand based on the selected keywords. While s keyword is known as a word or phrase the user searches for after that they come to see your ad. Your ad will be displayed after showing up the keywords you choose.

However Google measures the clicks on your ads and you will be get charged for each click. Google also counts the impressions, which is nothing but how many times your ad has already been shown and what kind of users searched for that keyword.

Incase if you categorize clicks by impressions, then you get the click-through-rate or CTR. Let’s consider this as the percentage of users who land on your advertised page as they clicked on your ad.


Let’s consider Google AdWords as an auction house. For this you need to set a budget and a bid. The bid sets will display how much you are required to pay per click. Incase if your maximum bid is $2, then Google will only show your ad to people, if other aren’t bidding more on average.

Make a note that Google doesn’t show people on the basis of the highest bidder. They are bothered by showing them more relevant and better ad than less paying bidders.

Therefore − Quality ads + good bid = win!

How to create a Google AdWords account?

To create a Google AdWords account, go to − After that you can create your account, and set up your first campaign. Following are the steps −

Step 1

Let’s select your campaign type and name.

Step 2

Now select the geographic location where you’d like ads to show.

Step 3

After hat select your “bid strategy,” and set your daily budget. Now change the default “Bid strategy” to “I’ll manually set my bids for clicks”. This gives you more control and will help you learn AdWords at a greater level of understanding.

Step 4

Let’s generate your first ad group, and write your first ad. When more number of people clicking on ads then the headline includes the keyword they’re searching on. Let’s use your keywords in your headline when you can.

Your search keywords are limited to 25 characters so you need to use abbreviations or shorter synonyms for some search terms. Here’s the short version of your ad template −

  • Headline: Up to 25 characters of text
  • 2nd line: Up to 35 characters
  • 3rd line: Up to 35 characters
  • 4th line: Your display URL

Step 5

Now insert your keywords into the keyword field in your account. Then paste in your keywords. Let’s start with one set, and add plus signs (+), brackets ([ ]), and quotes (“ “) to see. Now observe how many searches of each type you’ll get.

Step 6

In step 6 you need to set your maximum cost-per-click. Set your maximum price-per-click (called your “default bid”). Here every keyword is theoretically a different market, each of your major keywords will need a bid price of its own. But google will help you to set individual bids for each keyword.

Step 7

Now enter the billing information.

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