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What to Write to be Reviewed?

Best Practice 4 - Code should be written to be reviewed

While writing your software code, remember that somebody will review your code and you should confront analysis around at least one of the accompanying focuses however not restricted to:

  • Bad coding
  • Not following standard
  • Not keeping performance in mind
  • History, Indentation, Comments are not appropriate.
  • Readability is poor
  • Open files are not closed
  • Allocated memory has not been released
  • Too many global variables.
  • Too much hard coding.
  • Poor error handling.
  • No modularity.
  • Repeated code.

Keep all the previously mentioned focuses in your brain while coding and stop them before they bounce in your source code. When you are finished with your coding, go for a self-review atleast once. I'm certain, a self-review would help you in expelling 90% issues yourself.

When you are totally finished with your coding and self review, ask for your companion for a code review. I would emphatically prescribe to acknowledge review remarks cheerfully and ought to be appreciative to your code reviewers about the remarks. Same time, it is never great to censure any source code composed by another person. On the off chance that you never did it, attempt it once and check the coder's expression.

Accept criticism but don't criticize

Inadequately composed source code instructs you to compose great source code gave you take it emphatically and take in an exercise from it.

Your objective ought to be to stop the bugs at the lead position and make a BUG-FREE code.


Have a similar outlook as a tester, so you ought to have a test for the testers.

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