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How to Follow the Standards?

Best Practice 3 - Follow the defined standards, don't create it

The vast majority of the standard software organisations keep up their coding standards. These standards would have been set up by very much experienced software developers in the wake of investing a long time with software improvement. This is proportional to following strides of extraordinary individuals deserted them.


On the off chance that your organisation does not have any standard, I would recommend to search on internet for coding standards off various programming dialects and you will discover many. A coding standard would fix the tenets about different imperative properties of the code, few are recorded underneath:

  • File Naming convention
  • Function & Module Naming convention
  • Variable Naming convention
  • History, Indentation, Comments
  • Readability guidelines
  • List of do's and don'ts

Yet, when characterized, begin following the characterized standard as opposed to making or transforming them consistently. I would state:

Source code is your BABY!

So keep it spotless, predictable and delightful. When I state excellent, it truly implies lovely. In the event that your code looks delightful, it would be simple for others to peruse and comprehend it. On the off chance that you will continue changing coding rules regularly, following couple of days you, yourself would not have the capacity to peruse and comprehend the code composed by you.

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