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What is Code Reading & Reading?

Best Practice 1- Keep Reading Existing Software Source Code

Here some doubts are there before we start with one of the most important best practices required for a software developer.

  • Do you read movie magazines?
  • Do you read newspapers?
  • Do you read roadside advertisements?
  • Do you read junk written here and there?
  • Do you just read....?

Unquestionably your answer will be sure however on the off chance that I make one more question in the series:

Do you read Software Source Code?

Just couple of software developers will have positive answer since reading and understanding a current software source code is the most exhausting undertaking. In the event that you are one of them who feels reading software source code is an exhausting errand, at that point you are missing a standout amongst the most vital prescribed practices, which a software developer ought to have in his/her life.

On the off chance that you need to wind up an author, can you simply begin writing books? I would state 100% no!!, you certainly need to peruse many books previously you begin writing GOOD books. On the off chance that you need to wind up a motion picture content essayist, would you be able to begin writing great film contents until the point when you have experienced different great motion picture contents?, again my answer would be no!!


All in all, in the event that you need to compose a decent software code, how you will be able to compose a decent source code without reading huge amounts of source codes? Regardless of whether you will compose something, at that point how might you and know which the best is?

Reading source code composed by others gives you chance to condemn the mix-ups done in writing that code. You will have the capacity to distinguish the mix-ups other software developers have done in their source code which you ought not rehash.

There are numerous traits of software codes (space, remarks, history header, work structure, and so on.), which you will learn by reading existing code, uncommonly, a code composed by very much experienced software developers. Invest some energy in reading others' source code and I'm certain you would have the capacity to compose BEAUTIFUL source code in few days or couple of weeks and you will have the capacity to fix the oversights, which you were doing as such far in writing the source code.

One thing to explore, simply go previously and check the code you had composed couple of years prior, you will laugh....because you are continually enhancing by doing practice.

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