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What is Design Pattern Iterate Pattern?

Integrator pattern is very normally used design pattern in Java and .remaining programme environment. This pattern is used to get a way to entrance the fundamentals of a collection object in order manner without any need to know its basic representation.

Integrator pattern falls under behavioral pattern group.


We're going to create an Integrator interface which narrates navigation method and a Container interface which returns the iterate. Concrete classes implementing the Container interface will be in charge to implement Iteratorinterface and apply it.

IteratorPatternDemo, our presentation class will use Names Repository, a material class implementation to feature a Names stored as a collection in Names depot.

Step 1

Create interfaces.

Step 2

Create real class implementing the Container interface. This class has internal class NameIterator implementing the Iterate interface.

Step 3

Use the Name Repository to get iterate and issue names.

Step 4

Verify the output.

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