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What is Design Patterns Business Delegate Pattern?

Business Delegate Pattern is used to decouple arrangement tier and business level. It is mainly use to decrease communication or remote lookup functionality to business tier code in arrangement level code. In business level we have following entities.

  • Client - Presentation tier code may be JSP, served or UI java code.
  • Business Delegate - A single entry point class for client entities to provide access to Business Service methods.
  • Lookup Service - Lookup service object is responsible to get relative business implementation and provide business object access to business delegate object.
  • Business Service - Business Service interface. Concrete classes implement this business service to provide actual business implementation logic.


We are going to create a Client, BusinessDelegate, BusinessService, LookUpService, JMSService and EJBService representing different entity of Business Delegate patterns.

BusinessDelegatePatternDemo, our demonstration class, will use Business Delegate and Client to display use of Business Delegate pattern.

Step 1

Create Business Service Interface.

Step 2

Create concrete Service classes.

Step 3

construct Business Lookup Service.

Step 4

Create Business Delegate.

Step 5

Create Client.

Step 6

Use Business Delegate and customer classes to display Business Delegate prototype.

Step 7

Verify the output.

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