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These functions provide functionality useful for what-if analysis. As an example, what would be the rank of a row, if the row was hypothetically inserted into a set of other rows?

This family of aggregates takes one or more arguments of a hypothetical row and an ordered group of rows, returning the RANK, DENSE_RANK, PERCENT_RANK or CUME_DIST of the row as if it was hypothetically inserted into the group.

Hypothetical Rank and Distribution Syntax

Here, constant expression refers to an expression that evaluates to a constant, and there may be more than one such expressions that are passed as arguments to the function. The ORDER BY clause can contain one or more expressions that define the sorting order on which the ranking will be based. ASC, DESC, NULLS FIRST, NULLS LAST options will be available for each expression in the ORDER BY.

Example Hypothetical Rank and Distribution Example

Using the list price data from the products table used throughout this section, you can calculate the RANK, PERCENT_RANK and CUME_DIST for a hypothetical sweater with a price of $50 for how it fits within each of the sweater subcategories. The query and results are:

Example Hypothetical Rank and Distribution ExampleExample Hypothetical Rank and Distribution Example
Unlike the inverse percentile aggregates, the ORDER BY clause in the sort specification for hypothetical rank and distribution functions may take multiple expressions. The number of arguments and the expressions in the ORDER BY clause should be the same and the arguments must be constant expressions of the same or compatible type to the corresponding ORDER BY expression. The following is an example using two arguments in several hypothetical ranking functions.

Example Hypothetical Rank and Distribution Example

Example  Hypothetical Rank and Distribution Example
These functions can appear in the HAVING clause of a query just like other aggregate functions. They cannot be used as either reporting aggregate functions or windowing aggregate functions.

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