Data Structures & Algorithms Overview - Data Structure & Algorithms

What do you understand by the concept of Data Structures and Algorithms?

The process of storing data in a programming way so that the data is used in an efficient way is termed as Data Structures. In other words, it is a particular way of organizing data in a computer, so that it can be used efficiently. Different types of data structures are used by the enterprise application in different ways.

The tutorial provides an insight on the concept of data structures which are essential for understanding the complexity of the enterprise level applications and the importance of the need of algorithms, data structures.

What are the prerequisites required and who are the audience for learning Data Structure and Algorithms?

Good knowledge and understanding of C Programming Language, text editor and execution of programs required to understand the concept of Data Structures and Algorithms.

This tutorial is mainly targeted for the software professionals and Computer Science graduates who want to learn the concept of data structures and algorithms language. Anyone on completion of this tutorial will be an expertise in data structures and algorithms programming.

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