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As a relatively young field, data mining’s current market size is still less than $1 billion dollars. Most data mining users (data miners) are analysts holding advanced degrees in statistics. Here is the typical usage scenario. First, the IT department builds the data warehouse or data mart, and data miners pull out a sample set to analyze. After the model is built, data miners publish a report with the findings to their business managers. The data mining process usually takes a few months. Data mining is considered as a reserved area for power analysts.

With SQL Server 2005, this perception will be changed. SQL Server Data Mining is designed for the vast developer populations, not statisticians. Its goal is to make developers and applications smarter.

  • Make developers smarter: Ordinary developers will be empowered with easy-to-use yet powerful analysis tools. This will enable them to dig inside their own databases and discover the gold mine of previously hidden data patterns and relationships
  • Make applications smarter: Data mining will make your applications smarter. Data mining is not only for decision support systems. Data mining can be integrated with line of business applications for daily operations. Data mining can be completely embedded, while consumers of data mining don’t even need to know the results are from data mining. For example, an online DVD retail site can automatically give you suggestions based on your profile or your shopping basket. If you enter a new customer into the CRM system, the application will tell you in real time the personalized products/services you can provide to this customer. In an ERP application, the system will give you the forecast number of products for future production. If you browse a cube, with a single click, the tools will show you the anomalies in the cube. All these wonderful applications will become possible with data mining in SQL Server 2005. With its simple APIs, embedding data mining is possible with just a few lines of code.

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