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So what are we talking about when we talk about mobile CRM applications? What kind of functionality is considered endemic? Is there a difference between,say,a mobile sales application and mobile personal information management? What should you be looking for?

Let me be unequivocal. Mobile versions of ACT! are not mobile CRM applications,nor is any mobile contact management,because none of their full-sized versions are CRM either. That’s not to denigrate any of them. They are good for what they do.

That said,let me describe the features and functions of a mobile CRM application. I’ll start with the current version of mobile SalesLogix for the BlackBerry. This is both a representative mobile CRM application and a well-constructed one.

  • Account and contact management This is where the ACT!s and Goldmines of the world start and stop. You can view accounts and contacts,add them,or take notes related to account activity.

  • Integrated calendar and activity management Here you can schedule
    activities and mark them complete.

  • Sales opportunity management This gives you the capability to create
    opportunities,upgrade a lead to an opportunity,or check on existing
    opportunities,including finding product pricing information.

  • Customer service ticket management If your customers haveopen support tickets,they will be shown here. Additionally,they will show up on the account record.

  • Lookups and groups Create specific groups so that you can organize your contacts the way you want. Do lookups of the key people in an account or activities associated with an opportunity.

  • One-click dialing and e-mail These are the most Black Berry specific features. They use the WAP interface for BlackBerry with the tabbed access and automatic one-click dialing of numbers that appear on the screen. Plus,of course,the famous push e-mail from your BlackBerry.

  • Familiar experience The same experience but different interface for the mobile application.

  • Fully customizable You can customize your own dashboard view,graphs,and charts.

  • Built on a solid mobile platform In this case the Corum platform.

  • BlackBerry reporting dashboards Drill down from the dashboard to the granular reports on revenue,opportunity,time to close,and so on.

Note what isn’t in this application that you will see in the mainline versions: pipeline management. Mobile CRM is aimed squarely at the user—the salesperson or field service technician—not their management. However,because of synchronization and over-the-air data updates,management will be dancing in the aisles with joy,
given the ROI that mobile CRM provides.

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