The Sales 2.0 Value Proposition - Customer Relationship Management

Okay,time to get down to the aligned companion discipline— marketing. But before we do, let’s do a quick review on why Sales 2.0 is the currency of contemporary business.

  • Increased potential for success If you make a collaborative effort, have better forecasting tools, and know more about your customer, your odds of success are that much greater.
  • Increased customer insight This is customer insight based on data that goes far beyond the transactions, but it gets to the personal profiles, the influencer relationships, the state of a particular company or account, and, to top it off, some of it is based on insights from other customers and employees who in the past you had no idea had that insight.
  • Mitigated risk The better the chances of success, the lower the risk (duh).
  • Collaborative environment The benefits of working well with co-workers on projects are long established.
  • Improved engagement with customers The more you know them, the better your relationship, the more likelihood the deal closes. See the SAP Customer Value Network discussion earlier in the chapter.
  • Portability increased Many of the Sales 2.0 applications are delivered as SaaS applications or on mobile devices.
  • Competitive differentiation You’re able to target more precisely than in the past.
  • Reputation,influence,persuasion It’s not who you know, but who you know who knows who you need to know. Those “loose connections” can be more powerful than the more direct connections. Validation is a powerful need among human beings. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs identifies one level of the hierarchy as the need for love, affection,and belongingness, and another as the need for esteem. Validation by one’s peers satisfies that. Knowing who has the power to validate or having that ability is entirely helped by understanding of how the connections among people are organized and who can influence who.

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