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If I were writing this book in 2008—oh, wait, I was—I would pretty much have left the architecture to only SOAs. Why? Because I saw RESTful architecture as something that was peripheral to the growth of CRM-related technologies. But the more I investigated and tracked it, the more REST—which stands for representational state transfer, BTW (which stands for by the way)—began making sense as an option. It also began to gain a lot of ground with me because of its adoption as a core technology by companies like Sage. Then I began seeing a series of RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs) showing up on the scene. Notably, Twitter was using them; Neighborhood America was using them to integrate social features into Microsoft Dynamics CRM;and SAP acquired the assets of Coghead, a “platform as a service” (PaaS) provider based on RESTful architecture and APIs. My thinking went from “hmm” to “whoa!”

So we’ll look at both service-oriented and RESTful architectures, because both are important to the architectures that optimize CRM systems. First, let’s glance at the current standard: service-oriented architecture.

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