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About two years ago, I ran into ResponseTek, run by the always intellectually engaging and extremely nice Syed Hasan.I got interested in them because they had what seemed to be a serious engine for measuring customer response when related to experience, rather than purchases or service tickets.A solid engine, nothing frivolous, very fast, and also visual enough to be readable by human beings who didn’t have cranial chip implants.

After due deliberation, they easily represent the Superstah!for customer experience management because they’ve been doing this all well since 1999.

The Company
Before I get into their mission and applications, I’m going to give you a brief picture of the approach of the company.

I like these guys always have, probably always will.They have a friendly, responsive culture that is reflected in their thinking and their actions.

For example, much of their deployment methodology is fairly traditional in how it approaches their customers:setting the scope of a project, finding out the company’s internal business rules that drive customer service delivery, and reporting and then implementing the solution with training, following it up with support.But what they add, which is perhaps the most important part of a customer-related engagement, is doing a granular mapping of the entire customer experience.They call it the “customer lifecycle, ”and it’s how that customer interacts with the company in relationship to the key processes that the company utilizes.The mapping itself is both key and unusual for a technology vendor.

By the way, it takes anywhere from a month to three months to deploy their solution depending on how complex your requirements are.

Mission 21st Century
Syed Hasan on their mission and vision for 2009 and beyond:In the future, CEM solutions will become standard-issue enterprise software for most corporations, and voice of the customer information will be recognized in much the same way that financial data is today as high-value, high-impact, predictive and strategic.The world is changing, both for businesses and consumers.In our vision, change can actually draw the two closer together, rather than further apart.When provided the channels to tell companies about their experiences, consumers are empowered, engaged, and can resolve their issues.When provided the processes and technologies to manage customer experiences, companies drive customer advocacy, understand its value, and see its effects on their bottom lines.The future of CEM includes customer-driven social networking tools that will inform strategic planning and service delivery in the business world, and ResponseTek will continue to innovate in the space, with ongoing expansion of ResponseTek:CEM applications, and unique offerings like Zoykes.

Yes, Zoykes.ResponseTek, aside from clearly being Scooby-Doo fans, also have a perception, which is certainly accurate enough, that some companies just aren’t getting this whole transformation, withdrawing rather than reaching out to the customers.To combat that, they’ve launched Zoykes, a social networking application that applies user-generated content such as ratings, rankings, and comments to bridge the customer–company gap and share customer experiences.It is peer-to-peer-to-company and any permutation thereof.What makes Zoykes different from a typical social network is that this isn’t a company hosted peer-to-peer network but a social network that is peer-to-peer-to-company meaning that the company is part of the conversation about the experiences the customers are having.Zoykes is organized to drive improvements based on that P2P2C model.This model can incorporate partners, suppliers, and vendors as well.They call it, rather than point-in-time market research, “a continuous pulse on what the customer thinks and feels.”

The Application
But Zoykes is ResponseTek’s new stuff.They have a long history with customer experience applications that have a powerful and valuable analytics engine.Here’s a look at their flagship product ResponseTek:CEM analytics capabilities.

  • Roll-up/drill-down The entire organization can be mapped into the reporting tools, allowing real-time analysis of how every part of the organization is delivering the customer experience, including roll-ups to divisional or regional levels, and drilldowns to the individual agent level.That’s invaluable for customizing what you need for insights.
  • Ownership Accountability for the customer experience is integrated within ResponseTek:CEM, ensuring all employees have direct and transparent ownership of issues that relate to their part of the business.The employees may not love that feature, but, hey, it may get them a bonus.
  • Customer segmentation Segmentation and analysis by custom, client-driven criteria, through in-depth knowledge of how customer experience varies by customer segment or by complex multisegment scenarios, are all possible to a granular level.
  • Multiple measures Key indicators such as advocacy can be analyzed against every measure available to determine the factors that influence loyalty in every customer segment.You can measure satisfaction too, but I don’t know why you’d want to.
  • Real-time alerts Integrated alerting rules scan every single conversation against any number of rules to identify critical issues and at-risk customers for immediate escalation and resolution.This is an invaluable feature and also one place where analytics and business rules do mix well.

  • Real-time alerts
    ResponseTek:CEM solution dashboard

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