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We’re going to start with a test.Get out your laptops or cellphones (or your pen and paper, if you use such primitive tools), and tell me how many of the terms in Table you can define well.

I venture to guess you only know a few.Yet, each and every one of those terms has real importance to your contemporary CRM strategy, like it or not.

Let me make something clear.What you’re going to see significant change in how CRM strategies are determined and what tools are used.The conventional ones that you know of and that give you comfort—the pure and clean version:people, process, technology—aren’t sufficient any longer.I’m not saying they aren’t useful.I’m saying they aren’t sufficient, and you have to get your arms around that right away, because the customers aren’t waiting for you.
Table: Social CRM Related Terms You Most Likely Don’t Know
Social CRM Related Terms You Most Likely Don’t Know

When you have your customer hat on, especially if you’re under 40 or so, you aren’t waiting for the companies you want to interact with.What makes you think you’re getting a pass from your peers?

You’re not.This is the “era of the social customer” and it calls for a new approach to CRM strategy that is undeniable—whether or not you want to deny it.You have the right to throw this book into the trash after you read it.You paid for it or got it at a conference or from me or stole it or something.I actually don’t care how you got it.What I do care about is that you conclude that your company needs to change the way you deal with customers now—because the customer has already changed the way they deal with you.

By the end of this book, you’re going to know about not only the more traditional CRM terms, strategies, and tools, but also the contemporary Social CRM thinking, approaches, practices, and stories.If I’ve done that, I’ve done my job.Then you have to go and do yours.

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