Moving Forward: The Implementation Begins - Customer Relationship Management

In 2009, Gartner Group came out with a report that had the CRM success rate at 70 percent, the nearly polar opposite of their “famous” survey of 2001 that had the CRM failure rate at 55 to 70 percent. The reason for this reversal to success is simple. The industry is mature. CRM vendors, service providers, and consultants learned from their mistakes. Practitioners have a huge body of knowledge to draw on given the tens of thousands of CRM implementations and programs that have been done in the last several years.

We are going to go to the well of practice we can draw on and come to some specific conclusions now that the CRM application vendor and services companies are in place, as, I have to assume, is your team. It’s time to implement the sucker. Rather than just give you a generic look at the possible practices that may be effective, I present to you a case study for your viewing pleasure. This is the story of BigMachines, who did this nearly perfectly and have the results to prove it.

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