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As I mentioned earlier,you won’t learn how to write a blog here. But one aspect that does concern businesses greatly is the often dicey issue of measurement. This is at a toddler’s level when it comes to blogs.

I’m not even going to advance the argument that if you don’t measure the results of a press release or a feature article you write,why should you try to measure the results of a blog? I’m going to assume that you’re interested in something to bring to your boss,or you are the boss looking to pull the trigger on doing it,and you’d like to at least feel there will be some metric accountability down the road.

Luckily,Eric Petersen,a web analytics maven,unveiled a set of blogmetrics at the Web Analytics Association–sponsored eMetrics Conference in 2007. Here they are,for better or worse. Recognize them as guides,not definitive fixed answers with no alternatives. They are a good start.

  1. Percent increase or decrease in unique visits
  2. Change in page rank,i.e.,a list of the top ten most popular areas and how it has changed in the last week
  3. How many sessions represent more than five page views
  4. In the past month,the percentage of all sessions representing more than five page views
  5. Percent of sessions that are greater than five minutes in duration
  6. Percent of visitors who come back for more than five sessions
  7. Percent of sessions that arrive at your site from a Google search,or a direct link from your website or other site that is related to your brand
  8. Percent of visitors who become subscribers
  9. Percent of visitors who download something from the site
  10. Percent of visitors who provide an e-mail address

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