Choosing SaaS vs. On-Premise: Comparative Checklist - Customer Relationship Management

Rather than the usual kind of comparative junk that skews either toward SaaS or toward on-premise and does nothing to help, I’ve kept the comparisons of good and bad for each separate.

But now, without skewing anything-though maybe skewering me-I pulled in Mitch Lieberman, a true Social CRM intellect (via Twitter, in fact), to put together Table, a valuable chart on how to view SaaS and on-premise as a choice for your company. Mitch, who is the VP of strategic solutions for SugarCRM, has no vested interest in either SaaS or on-premise. SugarCRM delivers their product both ways-in fact, three ways, as we’ll see in a bit. So he instead analyzed company characteristics and indicated which one would likely be better based on your corporate character- istics. The checklist goes a bit further because it identifies some permutations of the corporate characteristics that are less certain aids to making a decision, but still significant considerations when it comes to your choice.

We couldn’t have a better segue than this. Before I get into cloud computing, I’m going to pause to inject a discussion of open source so that there is no confusion about it. It is often wrongly equated with SaaS or on-premise computing. It doesn’t compare. Do you want find out why?

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