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What is Cucumber overview?

With a view to get higher gain of the software program trying out, businesses are in recent times taking a step forward. They implement critical attractiveness test scenarios while development is in-development. This technique is generally called behavior driven improvement (BDD).

Conduct driven improvement gives us an possibility to create check scripts from both the developer’s and the client’s prospective as properly. So within the beginning, builders, mission managers, QAs, consumer acceptance testers and the product owner (stockholder), all get collectively and brainstorm about which test eventualities must be surpassed in order to call this software/software successful. This manner they arrive up with a set of test scenarios. all these take a look at scripts are in easy English language, so it serves the reason of documentation also.


If we're developing a consumer authentication function, then the subsequent may be few key check scenarios, which wishes to get passed so as to call it a fulfillment.

• The person must be able to login with correct username and correct password.

• The consumer have to no longer be capable of login with incorrect username and correct password.

• The person need to no longer be able to login with correct username and wrong password.

How it Works

By the time the code is ready, check scripts are prepared too. The code has to bypass the check scripts defined in BDD. If it does now not happen, code refactoring could be needed. Code gets freezed only after successful execution of described take a look at scripts.
Cucumber - Overview

It's far a very simple notion, however what we want so that it will get this idea carried out. the answer is, behavior driven development (BDD) Framework. Cucumber is one such open source device, which supports behavior pushed improvement. To be greater unique, Cucumber may be described as a checking out framework pushed by way of plain English textual content. It serves as documentation, automatic assessments, and a development useful resource – multi functional.

So what does Cucumber do? it may be defined within the following steps −

Cucumber reads the code written in simple English text (Language Gherkin – to be added later on this tutorial) in the characteristic file (to be introduced later).

It reveals the exact match of every step within the step definition (a code file - details provided later within the tutorial).

The piece of code to be executed may be unique software program frameworks like Selenium, Ruby on Rails, etc. no longer every BDD framework tool helps each tool.

This has grow to be the cause for Cucumber's recognition over other frameworks, like JBehave, JDave, Easyb, etc.

Cucumber helps over a dozen specific software systems like −

• Ruby on Rails
• Selenium
• Pico Container
• Spring Framework

Advantages of Cucumber Over other tools

• Cucumber helps specific languages like and Ruby.

• It acts as a bridge between the commercial enterprise and technical language. we are able to accomplish this by using creating a check case in simple English text.

• It permits the take a look at script to be written with out information of any code, it lets in the involvement of non-programmers as properly.

• It serves the motive of quit-to-give up take a look at framework not like different tools.

• Because of simple check script structure, Cucumber provides code reusability.

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