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What is Cucumber Gherkins?

So far, we have were given an information of Cucumber and what it does. It executes the test scripts, that have been described inside the function report (to be blanketed in subsequent chapters). The language, wherein this executable feature documents is written, is referred to as Gherkin. Gherkin is a simple English text language, which facilitates the device - Cucumber to interpret and execute the take a look at scripts.
One may think that, it's been discussed generally that Cucumber supports easy English text then why we want a separate language - Gherkins. the solution lies within the concept of the behavior driven development.

As discussed in advance, we had visible that BDD incorporates different prospective while developing test scripts. it may be improvement prospective, business prospective, etc. That said, we are able to need people from exclusive community like builders, challenge managers, product owners, and testers while growing take a look at scripts. As those people do now not belong to the identical category, there may be a threat of no longer the usage of the not unusual language for check script conceptualizing. This became the evolution point for Gherkins.

Gherkin provides the commonplace set of keywords in English text, which may be used by people amongst the different community and yet get the same output in the form of take a look at scripts.


Feature − Login capability for a social networking website. Given i am a social networking website online user. After I input username as username1. and that i input password as password1. Then I need to be redirected to the house web page of the web site.
The above-mentioned situation is of a function called user login. all the phrases highlighted in ambitious are Gherkin key phrases.
Example of few other key phrases −

  • History
  • But
  • • *
  • scenario outline


Gherkin will parse every step written in step definition document (to be included later). So the stairs referred to within the characteristic record and the step definition report (to be protected later) ought to fit.
You can find the Gherkin jars in the Maven Dependency folder in the bundle Explorer. It gets downloaded together with the alternative Cucumber jars. it will look like the subsequent screenshot –


Another interesting fact approximately Gherkin is, it supports now not simplest English but many other native languages such as French, Finnish, Indonesian, Hungarian, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, etc.

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