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What is CSS User Interface Property?

The user interface property of CSS allows an user to convert any element into one or more of various standard UI elements.

Some of the most common properties which are being used in css3 User interface are listed below:




Used to allow the user to make elements as user interface elements


Allows to users to fix elements on area in clear way


Used to provide the icon on area


Used to resize elements which are on area


Used to draw the behind the outline


Used to move down when you have pressed on down arrow button in keypad


Used to move left when you have pressed on left arrow button in keypad


Used to move right when you have pressed on right arrow button in keypad


Used to move up when you have pressed on up arrow button in keypad

Examples of resize property:

Resize property has three most frequently used values as listed below:

  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • both

Let us see an example using both values in resize property in user interface

It will produce following result:

CSS User Interface Property

What is CSS3 Outline offset?

CSS Out line defines a line around an element at outside of border element.

It will produce following result:

CSS3 Outline offset

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