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What is CSS3 Multi Background?

CSS uses a Multi background property to add more than one images at a time without using HTML code. One can add images as per their need and requirements.

A sample syntax for multi background images is as displayed below −

The most frequently used values are listed below −




Used to setting all the background image properties in one section


Used to declare the painting area of the background


Used to specify the background image


Used to specify position of the background images


Used to specify size of the background images


Below is an example which illustrates the multi background images

It will produce following result:

What is CSS3 Multi Background

What should be the Size of Multi background?

A Multi background property is allowed to add various sizes for several images.

A sample code syntax is as shown below −

As said earlier, each image has a specific size such as 50px, 130px and default auto size.

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