CSS Tutorial

CSS Tutorial


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It works with HTML and Markup Language (such as XHTML and XML) in order to control the mode of the content presented. Cascading Style Sheets is a way to separate the aspect of a webpage to that of the content of a webpage. CSS is a guidance of the World Wide Web Consortium (the W3C). CSS relate how should be the elements of HTML gets displayed.

This tutorial on CSS, teaches you from basic level to advanced level.

CSS, as said earlier, is a language used with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) to separate a webpage’s contents to that of design and formatting (Styling part). It describes fonts, width, colors, margins, backgrounds, images, lines, height, positions and other visual aspects of a webpage which HTML was not originally designed to do. In simpler words, CSS decides how your HTML is displayed.

On lighter note, CSS is supported by all the modern browsers (chrome, opera, firefox) today, however each browser (and each version of each browser) may interpret CSS in different ways. It is always best to view your documents in multiple browsers to check their appearance in each one.

CSS Tutorial: List of Topics

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