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What are the different qualities of critical thinkers?

It is been observed that all the critical thinkers have some qualities which are common. It is considered that these qualities make them to think smartly and cleverly than others and thus allow him to take decisions logically.

The critical thinkers take decisions better than others not because of their educational qualifications or not because of their experiences. Critical thinkers tend to take better decisions because in most of the cases they apply their education in practical life.

Some of the qualities which are common to the critical thinkers of the world are -

  • Active Listening
  • Curiosity
  • Self discipline
  • Humility

Active Listening

People who communicate well are not only good speakers, but also good listeners. Though being a good speaker, if the person goes on speaking without listening to others, the words of the speaker tends to be irrelevant even though the statements are valuable with good stuff.

A listener tends to be an active listener only when he concentrates and provide full attention towards speaker. The listener should also able to understand the message that is being conveyed by the speaker apart from the words he speaks.

Active Listening


A person who seems to be curious implies that the person wants to learn something. People who love to learn new things have the skills of good decision-making. The curiosity of the person equips the person with all the updates such that the challenges and problems can be handled in the best possible way. Curious people usually do not like explanations which are not grounded with any logic.

It is to be learnt that curious is different from that of inquisitiveness. Being inquisitive implies that trying to peep into the personal and business life of others for gathering rumours whereas being curious implies trying to learn new things.


A self-discipline person does not entertain others to influence the thoughts, and the self discipline person takes the decisions with self reasoning and rationality. Critical thinkers who are said to be self discipline know more about themselves than others as they are more committed than non critical thinkers. Critical thinkers are more compassionate and always think on the lines of quality.


By humility, it implies that the role played by others towards completion of the task successfully is being downplayed and others are appreciated for the success. Humility also means always ready to accept and consider new ideas. Critical thinkers always tend to be humble and accept new ideas and learn new things irrespective of from whom they are learning.

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