Cricket Tutorial

Cricket Tutorial

What is Cricket ?

Cricket, originally said to be England’s home summer game, has grown huge acceptance worldwide. Such is the attractiveness that it is not only limited to the specialized field, fairly people of all ages and gender can be seen playing cricket in their roads and terraces. This tutorial describes the simple rules of the game. It offers information on the cricket pitch and the significant gears used during the play. Some significant terms and legends of the game are also talk over.

The statistics here is destined to complement your knowledge on the game. On the other hand, it is not a complete guide on how to play.


This lecture is meant for anybody who needs to be familiar with and learn about cricket. It is equipped keeping in mind that the reader is unaware about the fundamentals of the game. It is a simple guide to help a beginner understand the game of cricket.


In advance going on with this tutorial, you are compulsory to have a desire for cricket and an keenness to obtain familiarity on the same.

Cricket Tutorial: List of Topics

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