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What is ClamAV Virus Scanner?

ClamAV Virus Scanner is an open source antivirus provided by cPanel to detect probable threats like viruses, Trojan Horses, malwares, malicious scripts etc. ClamAV Virus Scanned is run on-demand to scan the files and to know if the files are infected by virus.

Antivirus facilitates in scanning different sectors of the home directory.

How to scan an account with cPanel ClamAV Virus Scanner?

Step 1 – Click Virus Scanner under cPanel Advanced section.


Step 2 – Select the scan type in the Virus Scanner interface.


  • Scan Entire Home Directory – Scans the complete cPanel account , home directory including Emails, FTP Accounts and website.
  • Scan Mail – Scans the mails for virus, any malicious email with virus or malware is identified.
  • Scan public FTP Space – Scans the public_ftp folders, identifies any malicious file uploaded through FTP.
  • Scan public Web Space – Scans the public_html which includes the frond-end files.

Step 3 – Click Scan Now, the scan starts and automatically displays the results.


Any malicious software identified, the scanner provides an option to correct the error and the option can be selected if desired.

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