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What is cPanel Optimize Website Interface?

cPanel Optimize Website facilitates in enabling gzip Compression. The data is compressed using Apache before sending the data to browser, and the data is extracted by the web browser and webpage is displayed. Functioning of gzip compression requires Apache mod_deflate and is supported by all modern browsers. Compressing the data enables to save the bandwidth and makes the loading process of website faster.

How to enable cPanel gzip compression?

cPanel gzip compression is enabled by:

Step 1 – Click Optimize Website under cPanel Software section


Step 2 – Compress Content interface appears as:


Choose the desired among:

  • Disabled – Disables gzip compression
  • Compress All Content – Enables gzip compression for all content.
  • Compress the specified MIME Type – MIME types are similar to other file types including both file type and file format separated with slash like – image/jpg, image/png, text/css etc.

Step 3 – Click Update Settings and the content compression settings are updated.

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