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What is cPanel Hotlink Protection?

cPanel Hotlink Protection facilitates prevention of data loading by others from the website. For instance, an image of the website is loaded on other website, when other website is visited by the users, the image will be loaded from original website. cPanel Hotlink Protection facilitates in prevent the other websites in linking any file of the original website.

How to use cPanel Hotlink Protection?

cPanel Hotlink protection can be used by:

Step 1 – Click on Hotlink Protection under cPanel Security section.


Step 2 – Click Enable in Hotlink Protection interface and the hot link protection is enabled.


How to configure cPanel Hotlink Protection?

cPanel Hotlink Protection need to be configured to enable access to the desired URLs who can access files directly from the website and prevent access to the desired URLs.

Select Configure Hotlink Protection by scrolling down the Hotlink Protection Interface.

URLs to allow access – Enter the URLs desired to permit access website files.

Block direct access for the following extensions (comma-seperated) – Provide the file extensions desired not to be linked by other websites, like - JPG, PNG, MP4 etc.

Allow Direct Request – This facilitates the user to access files directly by entering the full URL of the file. When full URL is provided by the visitor, the visitor can view the file in browser.

Redirect the Request to the following URL – System redirect the URL to the URL provided, when a file is linked by other website from original website.

Configure Hotlink

Click Submit and Hotlink Protection is configured.

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