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Define cPanel File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is usually used to upload large files or many files at a time. Users, who desire to upload or download the files through FTP, need to configure their FTP accounts. FTP user can access the particular directory for which he has configured the username and home directory.

How to create an FTP account?

User can create an FTP account by:

Step 1 – Click FTP Accounts from Files section.


FTP account page appears as the image below:


Step 2 – Provide the Login name and password for the new user. The login name provided will be the user’s name.

Step 3 – Provide the name of the Directory. It is not mandatory, it may be left with the pre-filled name, as desired by the user.

Step 4 – Enter the FTP quota details. Any value in megabytes can be given or unlimited option can be selected.

Step 5 – Click Create FTP Account

How to configure FTP Client?

Click on Configure FTP Account and download the configuration file.


FTP Configuration files are mostly pre-built and can be downloaded for FileZilla or CoreFTP.

What are special FTP Accounts?

Special FTP accounts are mostly meant for administrative functions. Special FTP account which cannot be deleted are pre-built usually in hosting account.


Administrative FTP account (Special FTP account) username and the accounts user name are similar. Added, the cPanel account password and the Administrative account password are the same. Root directory of cPanel account will be the Home directory of this FTP account, facilitating the accessibility of all the files with the special FTP account.

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