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What is cPanel Addon Domain?

cPanel Addon Domain facilitates in running a complete different website under the same hosting plan. Multiple websites are made run on a single cPanel account. Addon domains are usually stored in subfolders and they are the additional domains hosted in account.

For instance, user having a host for blogging website and require a different website for CV, need not purchase a new/different hosting account, instead can use the same host of blog for CV as well.

How to use cPanel Addon Domain?

Click Addon Domains from the CPanel Domains section. cPanel Addon Domain can be created and removed.


How to create a cPanel Addon Domain?

cPanel Addon can be created by:

Step 1 – Select Create an Addon Domain under Addon Domains.


Step 2 – Enter domain name

Step 3 – cPanel automatically fills the Subdomains and Document Root.

Step 4 – FTP Account can be created by selecting the Create FTP account associated with the Addon Domain. The FTP Account created will be associated with Addon Domain


Step 5 – Provide FTP username and password.

Step 6 – Click Add Domain. A Success message appears on successful creation of Addon Domain.


How to remove a cPanel Addon Domain?

Scroll down the interface to “Modify Addon Domain” and select Remove from Actions against the Addon Domain desired to remove.


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