cPanel Tutorial

cPanel Tutorial

What are the toolbars available on cPanel Dashboard?

cPanel Home page appears once it is logged in. This chapter explains in details about the different options visible on the cPanel Dashboard. The cPanel dashboard looks like the image below:

cPanel Dashboard

What are the Icons available on the Sidebar of cPanel dashboard?

Sidebar contains four main areas of the cPanel accounts like Home, Statistics, Dashboard and User Manager

  • Home – All the features of the cPanel can be accessed here.
  • Statistics – All the information about the cPanel account and the amount of resources used is displayed here.
  • Dashboard – Dashboard displays the cPanel account overview and provides some of the quick links for changing styles etc.
  • User Manager – All the cPanel account users can be manager through this icon.

What is Cpanel Dashboard Navigation Bar?

Navigation bar contains cPanel’s logo, Search box, Notification Icon, along with Logout button. To quickly access the cPanel, any function can by types in the search box, so that they appear. The functions like quick links, user account name etc can be searched through search box. All the latest notifications about the cPanel accounts can be viewed by Notification Icon. Logout Button will log you from cPanel and end the session.

What is Feature List Toolbar of cPanel Dashboard Home?

The feature list contains the list of all the function and featured of the cPanel. On the click of any function, it will redirect to the selected function’s interface.

cPanel Tutorial: List of Topics

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