Philosophical Underpinnings To Corporate Governance Introduction - Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

High profile corporate fraud and failure is a depressingly familiar litany. Action has certainly been taken both by the courts and the legislature in response to great public concern. Yet, what knowledge is this action based upon? One of the legislative strategies emphasizes the need for a singular governance structure for all corporations. However, research shows that no ingle model or structure of corporate governance can work at all times; there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Moreover, the dialectic theoretical orthodoxy is at best questionable. Recognition of these issues alongside the changing nature of economy and society suggests that we need to rethink corporate governance theory. Hence, if we want to push the bounds of our current theories and research, we must move beyond the conventional static and poorly conceptualized models that have dominated to date, enabling the development of evidence-based and actionable knowledge, grounded in studies of process and focused upon improving practice.

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