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A property map is a map structure of a very special type. It has three particular characteristics:

  • The keys and values are strings.
  • The table can be saved to a file and loaded from a file.
  • A secondary table for defaults is used.

The Java platform class that implements a property map is called Properties. Property maps are commonly used in specifying configuration options for programs

java.util.Properties 1.0

  • Properties()
    creates an empty property map.
  • Properties(Properties defaults)
    creates an empty property map with a set of defaults.
  • String getProperty(String key)
    gets a property association; returns the string associated with the key, or the string associated with the key in the default table if it wasn’t present in the map.
  • String getProperty(String key, String defaultValue)
    gets a property with a default value if the key is not found; returns the string associated with the key, or the default string if it wasn’t present in the map.
  • void load(InputStream in)
    loads a property map from an InputStream.
  • void store(OutputStream out, String commentString)
    stores a property map to an OutputStream.


Since version 1.0, the standard library had a Stack class with the familiar push and pop methods. However, the Stack class extends the Vector class, which is not satisfactory from a theoretical perspective—you can apply such un-stack-like operations as insert and remove to insert and remove values anywhere, not just at the top of the stack.

java.util.Stack<E> 1.0

  • E push(E item)
    pushes item onto the stack and returns item.
  • E pop()
    pops and returns the top item of the stack. Don’t call this method if the stack is empty.
  • E peek()
    returns the top of the stack without popping it. Don’t call this method if the stack is empty.

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